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Can the Wiper Blade SaverTM be used on trucks?

Your truck gets you and your gear to your destination safely. With a massive windshield you need massive wiper blades. These can be costly to replace, but are essential for your safety, as any obstructions need to be cleared quickly and effectively to get you back to seeing the road. Owners and truck management companies often overlook their wiper blades. Over time the rubber tip cracks, frays, and eventually decomposes. Leaving you with smearing, streaking and squeaking noises as you operate your trucks wipers. Replacing them may be the most obvious option. But did you know about a different way to renew your existing truck wiper blades, without the need to remove them? It’s called the Wiper Blade SaverTM !

What is the Wiper Blade SaverTM?

The Wiper Blade SaverTM is a tool that transforms your old windshield wiper blades on your truck. Transforming them into a near new blade in one simple action. It removes a thin layer of rubber from the wiper blade tip and extends the life of your existing blades. Each tool has exceptional trimming qualities and work on all major US windshield wiper blades for your truck*.

How do I use it?

Make sure you are using the right tool, check to see if the wiper blade fits snug into the groove on the tool. Simply insert the tool at the bottom of the wiper blade tip on your truck. Then grip the blade and the tool and slowly move it up the blade. You should see the material come out of the center of the tool. This means it’s working. Then once tool covers the length of the wiper blade, lift the Wiper Blade SaverTM away and dispose the thin layer of rubber. Now you have a renewed wiper blade!

What are the benefits?

Instead of replacing the whole wiper blade assembly, only a small rubber strip is waste. This saves 90% of the weight of trash going into landfill. Going a long way in reducing the 44million wiper blades that get thrown away each year. The Wiper Blade SaverTM tool will restore a wiper blade one time, extending its life for up to 12 months**. They can be used on all different trucks too - saving you hundreds of dollars. Quick and efficient. Use our Wiper Blade SaverTM Tool to regroove and restore the quality and life of your truck’s wiper blades. Simply store it in your truck and you can use it when you need it most. Best of all, you don’t need to visit a parts store or a mechanic.

Where can I buy one?

Order direct on our website, or on Amazon. Our Wiper Blade Savers are manufactured in the US and shipped right to your door. Don't risk getting in an accident and harming yourself, or even worse, injuring someone else with your truck and renew your wiper blades today!

*except for heavy-duty wiper blades.
** usual recommended time period to replace your wiper blades.

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