Windshield Wiper Blade - Frequently Asked Questions – The Wiper Blade Saver

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Does The Wiper Blade Saver work on all wiper blades - Yes, as long as it's the original wiper blade.

Can I renew my wiper blade more than once - No, it's good for one renew per blade.

Can I use The Wiper Blade Saver tool more than once - Yes, you can expect eight to ten uses per tool based on weather conditions. 

How do I use the tool - It is best to have a helper hold your wiper blade flat. Align the groove in the tool with the blade tip and slide forward until you feel the tool is secure in the blade and you feel slight resistance. Pull up on the tool to make sure it is aligned in your wiper blade groove. Once secure keep downward pressure on the blade and slide forward slowly. You should travel along the blade a one second per hand your hand length. 

Can I renew my wiper blade while on my vehicle - Yes, you MUST hold the blade flat. DO NOT trim the windshield wiper blade when curved.

Does the tool require cleaning - Yes, make sure there is no blade rubber clogging the tools exit opening after each use.

Who can I contact with additional questions - Please email us at