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How do you know if your wiper blades need replacing?

You might not know when your cars wiper blades were last changed. It is recommended to replace wiper blades every 12 months. Especially those who live in areas with extreme climates such as snow and ice or exposed to hot weather conditions. There are many signs that your blades need replacing, we will run through them.

  1. When you have streaking
    Streaking is shown on the windshield after using your wipers. Your blades need renewing if the streaking can’t be eliminated with cleaning, as it means the rubber has degraded. To check if your rubber is below par, then lift your blades away from your windshield and see if there is any cracking on your wiper blade tips. There may also be debris such as dirt or sand that can cause streaking, check your windshield for any sign of this and clean it immediately.
  2. When your wiper blades chatter/skip when using
    This occurs when wipers are under used, in an area prone to a lot of sunny and warm weather. Your wipers are constantly being heated up and cooled in this scenario and misshape the blade tips. If you park under a carport or in a garage, this goes a long way in preventing your wipers from failing.
  3. Squeaking during operation
    It is the loudest and most noticeable sign that your wipers need changing. Squeaking is caused by the wiper arm assembly being too tight or too loose. It can be resolved by tightening or undoing the wiper arms – check how much they wobble. A new wiper blade set is needed if the squeaking problem doesn’t go away.
  4. Smearing when using
    Smearing is another sign that your blades need replacing. Now it can be hard to tell the difference between streaking, smearing, and skipping, but smearing is when the blades or windshield are dirty, or from low quality washer fluid. Smearing is considered more severe than skipping or streaking as it can heavily reduce visibility by spreading the material on your windshield and blocking your view. After cleaning your car and trying a different washer fluid and you are still getting smearing, it’s best to get your blades renewed or replaced.

Do I really need to REPLACE my wiper blades?

Actually, no. There is an alternative to replacement that saves the planet and you a lot of money. It’s by picking up a Wiper Blade SaverTM tool here. With this uniquely designed tool, you can remove a worn layer of wiper blade rubber that brings your wipers to life!

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