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How many times can you use the Wiper Blade SaverTM?

When driving in rainy conditions, your wiper blades may not clear the windshield effectively. This endangers you and your occupants as well as everyone else on the road. Squeaking, smearing, and streaking from your blades are all signs that you need them replaced, or even… renewed.

There is now a handy solution to refreshing your wiper blades, taking them back to near new condition, all without the need to remove and replace them.

How can I renew my wiper blades?

By using the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool - YES! This US-built tool is an innovative way to remove the top later of wiper blade tips. Leaving you with a fresh wiper blade surface that smoothly glides over your windshield and leaves it with a streak free finish when you need it most.

How does it work?

Using the small or large tool that comes with your purchase, lift away the blade from the windshield, ensuring it is clean. If it has contaminants, then use a damp cloth to rub up and down the wiper blade tip to remove dirt.

Then simply attach the tool to the wiper blade tip, ensuring it fits snug in the groove on the tool. Gripping the blade and tool, push the tool along the length of the wiper blade. You should see a thin strip of rubber appear from the middle of the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool as it is lifted away from the wiper blade tip. Continue the whole length of the blade and lift away. Repeat on the rest of the blades on your vehicle.

What are the advantages of the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool?

Nowadays wiper blade replacement can cost at least $50, with labor factored in. Plus, you need to go online and pick the right blades for your vehicle. Even then they might not be the right fit or the wrong type for your car. The wiper blade removes the cost and effort needed to replace your blades.

The tool is delivered right to your door and your blades can be renewed at home, without visiting a shop or mechanic. Plus, the only waste is a thin strip of rubber instead of the whole wiper blade assembly. Saving 90% of landfill waste. Did you know that 44 million wiper blades are put into landfill each year? The wiper blade tool is the eco-friendly way to restore existing wiper blades.

How many times can you use the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool?

The tool can be used to repair up to eight wiper blades. This is limited to once per blade, but you can use the tool on multiple vehicles. Ideal if you are a dealer, mechanic, rental car company or have a lot of cars in your household!

Where can I Buy one?

Order on our website here, or on Amazon. Don't risk getting in an accident and harming yourself, or even worse, injuring someone else. Renew your wiper blade today with the Wiper Blade SaverTM !

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