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How to clean your windshield wiper blades

Your wiper blades often get dirty. With ever-changing weather conditions, seasons, and times of day, they are exposed to many contaminants and extreme temperatures. Cleaning wiper blades may sound like a simple task, but there are ways to clean them that make them last longer on your vehicle.

The Steps to Clean Your Blades

Before you begin, ensure your car is properly cleaned all over, especially the windows. Washing it yourself at home or visiting a car wash goes a long way in removing the typical grime your vehicle is exposed to.

This step may need you to turn the ignition on in your car and operate the wipers. Turning the ignition off when the wipers are vertical on your windshield to allow them to be lifted easily. Then, simply lift your wiper blades away from the glass.

It is possible to clean them without lifting away from the glass, and without turning the ignition on. But some cars have the wipers hidden or locked down, so passersby don’t steal them.

Use a soft, microfiber cloth and some warm, soapy water. With cleaner wipers only needing a small amount of cleaning fluid. If your blades are particularly dirty, then soak your cloth more and use more fluid. Even vinegar or denatured alcohol can be used instead if you have these to hand. You can use a paper towel if you don’t have a cloth to hand.

Rub the cloth or paper towel along the rubber blade tip. Hold the blade with your other hand to prevent it from moving and wrap the cloth on the other side of the wiper to clean the strip that comes into contact with your windshield. Running up and down the entire blade with the cloth will remove most of the dirt from the blade, with the evidence shown on your cloth. Then you are done, your wiper blades should be cleaner and operate more effectively.

It’s important to clean your windshield too. You can use cleaning side of squeegee at you gas station and wipe clean with paper towel to remove bugs, dried up mud or other debris that often comes into contact with your windshield.

A new way to make wiper blades last longer

Without the need to replace your wiper blades, it is possible to renew them at a cheaper price with the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool. You might think if your blade tips are worn that it is the end of the line for your blade. The Wiper Blade SaverTM tool renews wiper blade tips on your car right at home.

Renewing your blade takes seconds with the handy saver tool. Meaning if you blade rubber is not dry, you can expect another year of service from your wiper blades when using the Wiper Blade Saver tool.

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