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What are the options for repairing your wiper blades?

Your wiper blades are an important safety feature that owners sometimes take for granted. Not only do they clear the windshield of rain, snow, and hail, they clear your path when sudden debris, insects and mud that block your vision. Keeping them in the best condition is more than possible, here are several ways to repair your wiper blades and get them to last longer.

By keeping them clean.

Washer fluid helps clean wiper blades during operation. As blades build up debris and dirt over time, the wiper tips can be damaged as a result. Cleaning them with a damp cloth and washer fluid each time you fill up you gas tank will go a long way in repairing your wiper blades.

Not using them when windshield is dirty

As a lot of owners like to clear their dirty windshield using the wipers, it is much better to wash the windshield with a cloth and using correct cleaning fluid instead. As bugs and grime can eat away at the wiper blade tips and the friction of dry dirt and mud wears down the blade tips, causing them to fail quicker.

Don’t use on icy windshields

Harsh winters means icy conditions and snow – these are damaging to wiper blades. As icy windshields cause the wiper blade to freeze onto them. Meaning when you start your car up next time and want to clear the windshield, the blades will need to come unstuck. This causes possible tears on the rubber tip that will render your wiper blades useless. Lifting them away from the windshield during these conditions will go a long way in giving them a longer life.

Don’t scrape windshield when blades are down.

This may be overlooked by a lot of owners during the winter. With ice and snow coming into effect, owners need to clear windshield before they can use their car. With scraping being a common way to do so, the action can cause the edge of the scraper to score the rubber and remove fragments of the wiper blade tips.

Use the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool

Luckily there is a solution for your repairing your existing wiper blades without visiting a shop or replacing them. The Wiper Blade Saver is a handy tool that removes a thin layer of material from your blade tip, effectively giving you a new wiper blade.

All of this is achieved without the need to remove the blades from your vehicle. Making sure it’s the correct sized tool for the wiper, simply align the tool the bottom of the blade. When the blade fits in the groove of the tool, slowly run it up the length of the wiper blade and see the thin layer of rubber being removed as you renew your wiper blade!

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