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What causes windshield wiper blades to streak?

Streaking wiper blades can be troublesome. It is vital for your safety that something is done about it – before the situation gets worse. Renewing your wiper blades is easy with the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool, but what causes the blades to streak?

  1. The rubber tip gets nicked by debris on your windshield

    A smooth surface is required for optimal wiper blade function. Meaning any loose or hardened debris on your windshield causes wiper blade tips to run over it. This action can make the rubber material catch on the clump of mud and rip off some areas of your wiper blade.

    Clearing your windshield by using a damp cloth and correct cleaning fluid helps prevent buildup of debris. Making your wiper blade last longer and reduce the likelihood of streaks.

  2. The rubber tip has debris on wiper blade and needs cleaning

    The rubber tip on wiper blades is a carefully engineered surface that is designed to clear your windshield in one or two swoops. If the rubber surface of the wiper blade tip contains debris, then streaking can occur when that debris leaves a trail on your windshield.

    Cleaning your wiper blades with washer fluid and a damp cloth will prevent streaking and make your wipers last longer.

  3. The rubber gets dry and cracked
    Exposure to the sun means the rubber, which is a natural material, will dry, crack, and eventually fail. When possible, park your vehicle in the shade. Not only will the cooler temperature make your wiper blades last longer, but the interior also won’t be so hot. Protecting the rubber, leather and plastics too.

What is the best solution to stop streaking?

Using the Wiper Blade Saver tool, streaky wipers can be fixed in no time! The patented technology removes a thin layer of rubber from the wiper blade tip. Removing the likelihood of streaks happening in the future and keeps your blades functioning for another year, or more!

Simply run the tool across most wiper blades and see the material being carefully stripped away to reveal a brand-new surface. Best of all, the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool works with most windshield wipers from all major brands and is manufactured in the US for complete peace of mind.

Buy online today or visit our amazon page to pick up your own set of Wiper Blade SaverTM tools. Each package comes with a small and large wiper blade saver tool. Each one can be used multiple times, and can save you at least $50 per vehicle!

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