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What’s the cost of replacing your wiper blades?

Wiper blades are an important part of your car’s safety. When driving through muddy or rainy conditions, they are essential in keeping your road vision clear. Many things are considered when working out the cost of a new set of wiper blades, here we break down the costs of changing your blades.

Why you need to change wiper blades?

Firstly, if your blades are functioning correctly then there may not be any reason to change them. Vehicle owners only notice their blades failing when they make a squeaking noise, produce streaks on the windshield or do not clear the debris or water effectively. At this stage it is important to renew your blades.

How much can changing wiper blades cost?

The average cost of changing your blades is over $50 when visiting mechanics. With labor cost coming in at $25 and the blades themselves at $25. This does vary depending on your location and how much the blades are for the vehicle you have.

The advantages of taking them to a shop is that the shop will know which blades to spec for your particular vehicle. Plus, their knowledge and experience mean they can do the job in a matter of minutes. Leaving you to carry on with your day.

Can I change wiper blades myself?

Yes, it is possible to learn how to change your wiper blades at the shop or at home. You first need to identify which size wipers you need. Most car parts stores will be able to point you to the right sized blades if you input your make and model on their website or in their stores.

Now blades come in a range of shapes and have different features. Depending on the type of blade you’re looking for, they can cost between $12 and $45 per blade. Watching or reading tutorials online can make it a simple task of swapping out the blades, providing you with clear vision in no time.

What are the alternatives to changing wiper blades?

A more eco-friendly and quick method to renewing wiper blades is to use the Wiper Blade Saver tool. With its patented design, it takes a tiny layer of your blade tip away to produce a refreshed blade that clears your windshield again.

Will renewing wiper blade tips be cost effective?

Not only is it a simple process, but it can also be a cost-effective way to renew your blades. With an average replacement costing upwards of $50, the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool comes in at $24.95 and can renew multiple blades. Buy online today and receive both the small and large blade tools, delivered straight to your door, anywhere in the US.

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