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You can now extend the life of your windshield wiper blades.

Wiper blades lose their effectiveness in 9-12 months. They no longer clear the windshield when you need them to. Luckily there are ways to extend the life of your blades without replacing them!

What are windshield wiper blades?

Wiper blades have been around nearly as long as cars. Their purpose has not changed but the materials and technology that make wiper blades has. Wiper blades are simply the rubber attachments that aid in cleaning the windshield or rear window of your vehicle. They operate and attach to a motorized wiper arm. With typical road vehicles having one arm on the rear window and two on the front.

Why do wiper blades fail?

There are many reasons why your blades are not functioning correctly. If not correctly cleaned the amount of dirt and debris on your windshield can build up over time. With wiper blades being made from rubber, this reacts with the surface of the windshield and causes the material to break down and become less effective.

The wiper arm could also be damaged. If it is not at an exact 90-degree angle to the windshield, then it will not make the wiper function correctly and cause damage.

The load spring on your wiper arm could be broken. Making the center or end sections of the wiper blade to come away from the windshield and not clear the dirt or water.

You may be using incorrect wiper size for your vehicle. If they are too small, then not enough of the windshield is being cleared. Too big and the blades can come into contact with the vehicles bodywork and wear out the blade.

After being exposed to cold or hot weather. Wipers made of rubber tend to get damaged and the material decomposes over time, causing the blade to fail and not clear your windshield. As a result, streaking occurs because of nicks in the wiper blade tip.

If they fail, do I need new wiper blades?

You may think if your blade tips are worn that it is the end of the line for your blade. Luckily the Wiper Blade SaverTM tool renews wiper blade tips on your car without the need to buy new blades!

The patented technology simply freshens the tip by cutting a precise, perfectly angled portion of the rubber to create a new edge for your wiper blade.

Renewing your blade takes seconds with the handy saver tool. Meaning if you blade rubber is not dry, you can expect another year of service from your blades!

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